Company overview

Atom Ventures exists because we passionately believe that all businesses, no matter their size, should have access to the highest quality technology and investment advice available.

We are a team of former business leaders, senior technical engineers and business consultants that have worked together in industry and have decided to make the switch to consulting to help business grow and achieve their full potential.

Each of us have worked in a number of different industries, from e-health to telecoms and e-commerce.  We have worked at 2 person start-ups as well as large multi-national businesses with turnover in the billions.  Our wide breadth of experience means that we have worked through most of the challenges businesses face and understand what it means to lead teams through the good times and the bad.

The network we have built over the past 20 years has helped us succeed in each of the businesses we worked at and we are now opening that network out to SMEs, charities and start-ups so that they may gain access to the quality advice that will help them succeed.

Our aim is to build long lasting partnerships with businesses to help them demystify the IT landscape and make the right strategic technology decisions .

Our mission

At Atom Ventures we are focused on the following core objectives:

  • Empower business owners to make the right technology decisions
  • Use our global network of partners to create tailor-made IT solutions
  • Give the young entrepreneurs the support they need to succeed
  • To provide value to our clients over the long term
  • Transform IT from being considered a cost centre to being a true driver for growth
  • To provide a realistic and practical view on the latest technology trends

How we work

As a client, our promises to you are as follows:

  • We will work with you and your team to understand your business
  • We will question everything
  • We will offer impartial and objective advice
  • Our costs will be transparent and simple to understand
  • If we don’t feel that we can add value, we will say so
  • We’ll be open and honest and will act on all feedback received

Our team

  • Bhairav Patel


    Specialising in IT strategy and operations, Bhairav's core mission is to help businesses rethink...

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  • Jenny Tsaliki

    Senior Business Analyst

    As our Chief Inquisitor, Jenny will question everything and will never accept that "this is always...

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  • Sam Noble


    As Chief Technologist, it is Sam's job to know everything about everything and quite frighteningly...

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  • Gatis Vilcans

    Senior Technologist

    A machine when it comes to computer programming, Gatis is one of those rare technologists that prides...

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  • Ashwani Mittal

    Senior Technologist

    A long time software team lead, Ashwani has a wide range of project experience, mainly for multi-national...

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  • Alan Moody

    Managing Director

    As a former MD of multi-national companies there aren't many challenges Alan hasn't faced. We draw...

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