Our focus is to help businesses get the most from their IT departments by helping shape strategy, building scalable solutions and enabling digital transformation.  Our customers are those that are looking for long term technology partners that can work with them to transform their IT capability into a true driver of business growth.

Why choose us?

At Atom we believe that companies of all sizes and budgets should be able to access the best technology advice available.  Our team is comprised of individuals that have held C-Suite positions at award winning start-ups and multi-national corporations and have also worked for many years as consultants for large global professional services companies.  We know what it is like to sit on both sides of the table and as such we believe we have the insight, network and knowledge to help your business grow. 

Virtual CTO

We are here to offer you experienced advice to help you make the right strategic decisions

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We will work with you optimise your business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs

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We’ll provide the tools you need to gain better oversight over those key areas of your business

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What we can offer you


We build long term relationships with our clients and seek to help them on every step of their journey

Providing Strategic

We will help you build a strategic vision for IT that is aligned with your business


We work with your current technology department to provide mentorship and resources

Your Assets

We provide auditing services to assess whether your current technology solutions are serving your business needs


We will take a deep dive into your IT organisation and assess it from top to bottom


With our partners we work to bring you cutting edge solutions to your everyday problems


As your business changes and grows, we can provide solutions that will help you respond and remain agile


We will work with your current IT department to help them improve their service to your organisation

For SMEs

We understand that for many small businesses making technology decisions can be daunting.  We are here to help you understand your choices and provide advice on how technology can be used to boost your business.  For SMEs we offer the following:

  • An initial workshop to understand your business vision and future goals
  • Analysis of your current IT organisation and infrastructure
  • Development of a clear road-map, in plain and easy to understand language that will set out how technology can be used to increase revenue, trim down costs or secure your business
  • Implementation of that road-map either through your existing team or through resources provided by our network
  • We will also work to ensure that you have full business continuity planning, disaster recovery procedures as well as adequate policies and procedures to manage security breaches and data loss prevention

For Start-ups

Getting your idea to market as quickly as possible and doing it at a cost that won’t break your budget is a top priority.  Showing that you have a technology team in place that knows how to execute is also vital so our offering to entrepreneurs is:

  • A kick-off meeting to discuss your idea, your budget and your go-to-market strategy
  • From that meeting we will work with you to develop a technical framework that will be used to build your idea
  • We will then pull together a team to bring your idea to reality, ensuring that the functionality is built in accordance with your business priorities and budget
  • Where required we can act as your CTO and work with you on pitches and investor presentations
  • As your idea grows and as you gain funding, we will work with you to build a permanent team and ensure that it works to the right methodology from the start and that the goals of IT are aligned with those of the business

For Charities

Not all pro-bono work is equal and not all consultants work in the best interests of the charity.  We know it can be difficult to get quality technology advice when budgets are tight so our offering to charities is as follows:

  • We will meet with you, for free, to understand the work you do and how technology can be used to free up your time so that you are concentrating on those activities that provide the most benefit
  • We will work with you to build a plan for improving processes or creating efficiencies that will help you achieve your goals
  • We will build and manage teams to help you along your journey
  • Where required we will act as your full time technology partner and be available as a sounding board whenever you feel the need for IT related advice
  • Our ultimate aim is to ensure you get the highest quality advice at a price you can afford

Our promise to you is that we will not recommend the creation of projects or the incurring of costs unless there is a clear benefit to your organisation for doing so

We want to help you think of technology in a different way. Use technology to grow your business.

Virtual CTO

Obtain Expert Advice

Whether you are a company that is just starting out and needs help navigating the world of IT development or are a company that is experiencing a period of growth and wants advice on the best way to scale, we are here to offer experienced advice to help you plan the way forward.  As ex-CTOs for successful businesses we understand the challenges you face and can work with your existing team to help put you on the right path.  We also provide “Interim CTO” and “CTO for hire” services for those companies that do not need a full time or permanent CTO.


Work With Experts

Whether you are looking for resources to help you build your next great idea, looking to increase efficiency or boost sales by digitizing processes or even want help aligning your business and IT strategies Atom can build a team that will meet your needs.  

We work with a global network of vendors that can bring together best in class talent that will serve all your digital transformation needs.  Atom believes in long term partnerships.



Atom is part of a consortium of companies that helps businesses transform their approach to how they deal with data within their organisation and promotes a “privacy first” approach to the design of business processes and technology platforms.  We perform a deep dive into your business processes and assess your IT policies, procedures, infrastructure and organisation.  We then provide an unbiased, independent assessment of your overall IT landscape and provide recommendations on how business and IT can be aligned in a way to ensure that digital governance becomes a core part of your business

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