Atom Games

Born on a dark winter’s morning in early 2018, Atom Games emerged from the darkness, blinking and stumbling its way in to the light. Combining the years of technical and business experience with the legal and gaming industry experience, a new level of service provider was created.

How we can help you

Even the gaming industry isn’t all just fun and, well, games. Sometimes you have to bust out the suit and get your business hat on. Whether it’s help with writing your pitch deck for the next round of funding, or how you should be managing your development workflow through to questions surrounding IP protection, making sure your stored customer data is GDPR compliant or setting up employment contracts with shares for employees, Atom Games can guide you through all the doublespeak.

Legalistic Logo

Rustam has been fighting a never ending battle against suits and legal language no one understands. Early in his career, he set up the in-house legal department for Square Enix in the UK and also worked for many other creative businesses since then. He doesn’t like to admit it, but he had a (legal) role to play in Pop Idol and the Apprentice…nuff said.

Cassiopeia Developments

Michel, when he’s not ruining Google Forms, has been around the block, helping run live events for Square Enix (back in 2000 before E-sports was a thing!) and running projects for Ubisoft before going freelance and attempting world domination.

Atom Consulting brings along a combination of technical, operational and C-suite level experience from myriad industries. We’ve built, managed and lead technical teams as well as entire organisations.


  • IPR Analysis:
    • Looking at IPR creation and initial ownership
    • Ensuring that there is a paper trail which shows the business owning the IPR it is licensing/assigning
  • Sense-checking existing contracts for licensing/publishing/platforming (this may not always be useful, as most of them will need to contract using the bigger players’ paper)
  • Compiling a negotiation check-list in advance of a negotiation and highlighting areas of risk
  • Assistance with negotiation


  • First for project set-up:
    • Project & milestone plans
    • Budget (P&L)
    • Risk management
    • Help with sales forecast
    • Team set-up
    • Pipelines
    • Localization
    • QA
    • Post production (community, post-launch plans)
  • I can also help with publisher contacts, university contacts, and anything that’s within my relatively extensive network.
  • Finally, any of these can also be applied to audit during production


  • IT infrastructure architecture
  • Tooling development
  • Software architecture and development for back-office systems
  • Technical infrastructure architecture
  • Guidance on development processes and workflows
  • Guidance on business processes and workflows
  • Project management
  • Building nearshore/offshore development teams
  • Introductions to investors
  • CTO mentorship
  • Interim/Pay as you go CTO