We understand the value of finding the right investment partner and so we aim to match companies with investors that  can not only provide capital but also knowledge, experience and expertise that can prove just as valuable

How we can help

Through our network of finance providers, Atom can assist in finding the right funding solution for your business.  Our partners provide a range of solutions that can serve companies seeking start-up or seed capital as well as companies that have moved beyond equity financing and want to use alternative funding solutions to provide working or growth capital.

We have learnt from experience that not all money is equal, finding the right investment partner is crucial to the long term success of a business

For investors

Through our global network we’re able to source new deal flow and help you assess and retain oversight over your investments:

  • Find companies that match your investment criteria
  • Meet young entrepreneurs with great ideas
  • Work with us to secure your investment
  • Commission regular IT audits

For businesses

Find alternative ways to finance your growth, our network can provide solutions to meet your needs:

  • Get seed or growth funding from experienced investors
  • Use alternative finance to get off balance sheet financing
  • Hold on to your equity
  • Expand your options by finding overseas finance

We would love to help you find the investment to
turn your idea into reality.

Our investment partners