Sam NobleDirector

Sam Noble
areas of expertise
  • Solution Architecture
  • Development Processes and Workflows
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Technical Strategy
  • Systems Integration
  • Mobile Development
  • Highly Available, Distributed Systems
  • The University of Reading, Master of Engineering (joint BSc), Computer Science, MEng

Since picking up his father’s Oric-1 at aged 8 and ‘programming’ games from the instruction manual, Sam always knew he was destined for a life with computers. Sam is a deeply technical, IT executive who loves architecting large scale solutions, has co-authored a book ‘WPF Recipes: A Problem/Solution Approach’, a scientific paper, delivered award winning presentations, architected and lead the delivery of a platform that made the Forbes FinTech 50, and in his spare time has built and lead software development teams across the globe.

Sam cut his teeth as a developer in a software led startup which was a spin-out from McLaren, applying Formula 1 track side planning to helping Fortune 500 firms define complex strategic decisions that evolved rapidly over time. In the 12 years since then, he’s worked around the world building world class solutions with a range of companies across FinTech, e-Health, e-Commerce and logistics.

The combination of technical knowledge and CTO/IT Executive experience affords Sam the ability to quickly see solutions to the challenges presented by Atom’s clients, and determine the right tools for the job, ensuring that any solution empowers their ability to fulfil their business strategy.

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